Do you ever wonder about how other schools do things?

Have you ever seen something another school is doing and thought, “That’s a great idea! I wonder how they pulled that off?” Or maybe you’re just the curious type who loves big ideas, new approaches, and thought-provoking questions.

If so, you’ll want to tune into The Show & Tell Show with the Enrollment Marketing Geeks — Dr. Rick Newberry, president of Enrollment Catalyst, and Andy Lynch, president & CEO of North Star Marketing — where schools share innovative approaches, basics honed to perfection, courageous experiments, and rabbits worth chasing.


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The Show & Tell Show. It’s the show that showcases schools doing something worth showing off.

Okay, Now What?

Rick and Andy share their perspective on prioritizing marketing and admissions strategies based on three scenarios: a school that’s beyond full, a school that’s sorta full, and a school that’s not-so-full.

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The MarCom Society

Brendan Schneider shares about launching the MarCom Society — an online group that connects K-12 marketing and communications professionals through training, support, and community.

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Waitpool or Lazy River?

Natalie Waters Seum, Director of Admission and Communication at Mounds Park Academy, joins the Geeks to unpack the importance of language, priorities, communication, and process in wait pool management.

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They Listen For An Hour?!?!

At Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools, more than 90% of families who attend a one-hour info session enroll. Hear from the GTACS team as they share the “why” behind effective recruitment gathering.

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Bridging the Gap From Middle to High School

Learn how Mount Paran Christian School addressed a retention challenge by creating an organized week of events that showcase the high school experience for middle schoolers.

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